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Mira and Divya are young girls. Mira likes to eat samosas, cutlet and bread. Divya , on the other hand , takes in iron deficient diet . Which of the following disorders are mira and dvya likely to suffer from respectively

Scurvy and anaemia

Which one of the following is the strongest argument in favour of adopting  a theme-based approach in EVS ?

It helps in softening subject boundaries and accessing knowledge holistically.

Mount Everest is a part of :


The name of the scientist who first pepped into a mosquito stomach and proved that mosquitoes spread malaria and his research was awarded Nobel Prize in medicine in december 1902 is :

Ronald Ross

stories re an important aspect of teaching learning EVS  in primary classes. which one of the following is, least appropriate reason for including storytelling as pedagogy in EVS classroom

Stories , help in class management

If you go to Ahmedabad  (Gujrat) by train ,then at ahmedabad railway station you will find that most of the vendors are selling

Dhokla with chutney and lemon rice

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ctet 2022

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